Pay tribute to the sacrifices of these men and women.

All month long, the Staten Island Borough President’s Office is thanking a veteran each day for their service to our country. Here are a few places to go on Staten Island to pay tribute to the sacrifices of these men and women.

St. George:

Paulo Park Veterans Memorial (located in the Judge Frank Paulo Memorial Park between Borough Hall and the Supreme Court) and the Borough Hall Mural of the Skirmish at St. Andrew’s Church, 1776

Major Clarence T. Barrett Memorial in Barrett Circle on Bay Street and Nick LaPorte Place. Barrett served bravely in the Civil War.


Matthew J. Buono Monument located at Buono Beach is dedicated to the Rosebank residents who died in World Wars I and II, Korea, and Vietnam.

Fort Wadsworth honors veterans with three different memorials on site:

A memorial for Medal of Honor recipient Father Vincent R. Capodanno; The “Four Chaplains” of the USAT Dorchester memorial (in 1943, they gave their lifejackets to others of a sinking ship) and the Staten Island War Dogs monument.

South Beach:

The Father Vincent R. Capodanno Memorial and the Freedom Circle, honors six different moments in American war history when men and women sacrificed their lives.

Midland Beach:

Midland Beach Veterans Memorial is dedicated to those who served and died in World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam- located at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk and Beach at Father Capodanno Boulevard and Midland Avenue intersection.

New Dorp:

A World War I Memorial honors New Dorp residents who served in World War I – located in Memorial Park at Richmond Road and New Dorp Lane


Colonel Robert G. Shaw Memorial- located at Moravian Cemetery. Shaw commanded the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, an African-American regiment during the Civil War but his family moved to Staten Island after Shaw was born in Boston.

Todt Hill:

Memorial Garden – located at Pouch Camp – features the Purple Heart Memorial, the KIA Memorial, the Catholic War Veterans Memorial, the Anzio Beachhead Memorial, the War Dogs Monument, the Armed Forces Flags, the United Staten Island Veterans Organizations Monument, the Jewish War Veterans Monument, the Medical Monument, and the Disabled Veterans Memorial.


World War I Memorial- dedicated to the Egbertville residents who fought in World War I. Located at Richmond Rd. and Morley Ave.

Great Kills:

A Veterans Memorial-located at Nelson Ave. and Brower Ct. – is dedicated to the Staten Islanders who served from the American Revolution to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan

Prince’s Bay:

Battle of the Bulge Memorial Plaza and Monument in Wolfe’s Pond Park -600,000 American men and women fought in the infamous “Battle of the Bulge.”

Pleasant Plains:

A World War I Memorial honors the South Shore residents who served and died. Located at Amboy Rd. and Pleasant Plains Ave.


World War I and World War II Memorials honor those Travis residents who died in those wars. Located at Victory Blvd. and Cannon Ave. 


Egbert Triangle and Memorial-located at Willowbrook Rd. and Forest Ave.- is dedicated to Seaman Second Class Arthur S.  Egbert and the other residents of Graniteville and Port Richmond who died in World War I.

West Shore:

Patriots Park pays tribute to Staten Islanders who died, from the Civil War to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Monuments there also pay tribute to the 9/11 victims and Vietnam veterans. Located next to West Shore Little League on Walker Street.

Emerson Hill:

Korean War Veterans Memorial and Park, located at Ocean Terrace and Milford Drive, honors 35 Staten Islanders who served in the Korean War (1950-1953).

Silver Lake:

Hero Park, located at Victory Boluevard and Louis Street, honors 144 Staten Islanders who fought in World War I.


World War II Memorial honors 564 Staten Islanders, including 16 Concord residents,who died in World War II.


The Hiker Monument at Tompkinsville Park honors the 150 Staten Islanders who died in the Spanish-American War, plus commemorate the local veterans from the American Revolution, the Civil War, and World War I.

Staten Island Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park, located on the corner of Manor Road and Martling Place, is covered with 200 bricks engraved with messages to loved ones lost in war. The names of 85 Vietnam Staten Island veterans are engraved in a marble monument as well – the first structure to be put in to honor veterans. This memorial park is located adjacent to the Staten Island Armory – which houses one of the Infantry divisions.

WWII Veterans War Memorial Ice Skating Rink features more than just a recreational area. A tribute outside of the rink in Clove Lakes Park shows dedication to those veterans who fought in World War II, specifically memorializing Pvt. Joseph F. Merrell, Jr. (1926-1945), who was one of five recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor from Staten Island.

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