Top 10 (Unexpected!) Things to See on Staten Island

Top 10 (Unexpected!) Things to See on Staten Island

Staten Island often dotes the title “unexpected” and there is a reason for it! We have unique history and many “did you know” moments that surprise many visitors (and residents as well!).

1. We have a pencil museum- cool right?! It’s located at Faber Park in Port Richmond and will be displayed through next year.

2. The southern-most tip of New York State is located in Conference House Park on Staten Island. 

3. Ride the subway line that goes to one side of the borough. It is also above ground which is a totally unique experience!

4. Staten Island has a Little Sri Lanka community – great food and a museum dedicated to the culture.

5. G.I. Joe’s underground headquarters were at Fort Tompkins.

6. You can play with public art along Staten Island’s Bay Street – all of it makes sound!

7. See one of the few Tibetan museums in the nation.

8. We have tons of public art – and they are sculptures you can touch!

9. Staten Island was once home to the only national depot for lighthouse materials.

10. The beer and oyster industry was huge on Staten Island. The borough now has three local breweries!

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